Portable Blower

KHERAJ ELECTRIC PORTABLE BLOWER works on 220/250 Volts AC/DC Each machine supplied complete with 9 ft. 3 core T.R.S. Cable[green lead forearthing] and moulded hard rubber nozzle 11" long , air velocity is 390 KMPH, Its power consumption is 360 watts with , 60 cfm/min capacity, water gauge pressure 60 ~9 Cm. [24"] BALL BEARINGS Ample capacity throughout. The Blower is guided by handy grip with OFF and ON switch By this ingenious union of handle and switch, this Blower can be used by only one hand in effortless manner.

Centrifugal Blower

SINGLE STAGE CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS 26 models are available in a wide range of pressures [4" to 42"] & CFM combinations [210 to 3580] CompletE with suitable A.C. 400/440 Volts 3 Phase, 50 Hz. 2800 RPM Motors 0.50 to 20 H.P. Also available with suitable Single Phase 230V A.C. Motors upto 2 H.P.

Exhauster Blower

EXHAUSTER BLOWERS are available in 10 models with pressure range 2" to 20" & CFM combinations 500 to 6000 complete with suitable A. C. 400/440 Volts 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 2800 RPM Motors 0.50 to 20 H. P. Also available with suitable single phase 230 V:A. C. Motors upto 2 H. P.

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