About Us

How we started

In the early 1960’s, the Indian Government was in desperate need for Air Raid Signalling Products which were mainly imported from the UK. Mr. G. H. Kheraj saw this as a niche market and established the manufacturing capacity for these products. It was initially like a cottage industry with a capacity of a few sirens per week. 
Subsequently Mr. N. G. Kheraj (second generation) expanded the establishment and took the products to factories, banks, ships, oil refineries and workshops to name a few. In the late 1990’s, Mr. S. N. Kheraj optimised his engineering and management post graduate degree and took Kheraj to other corporates globally.

Glimpse of the past

During the Gulf war, the Bahrain Government approached our firm for immediate supply of these sirens and they had an aircraft come collect them.

Riding the Wave

To keep up with the changing times, we, at Kheraj, have now created mobile apps to control sirens remotely from anywhere in the world.

Recent accomplishment

The Indian police and Ministry of Defence have a fantastic brand recognition and they specify their needs and we custom design sirens with controllers for them. Kheraj sirens are now used by almost 900 of the top 1000 Indian companies with almost all happy customers.